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Bill Wosar

Founder / Creative Director

Bill Wosar has rebranded everything from a global real estate company, a national sports magazine, a bank, to an entire country in his 20 years on Madison Avenue as an advertising agency Art Director and Creative Director... as well as helped to launch three digital startups along the way. With MagnetRooms, this meeting of advertising and technology have come front and center to address marketers’ shift to social and mobile, by creating an ad tech platform to distribute branded digital content to a social world.

We are a branded digital content studio in Miami.

Our mission is to help our clients engage as brands by rewarding millennials for what they are already doing: the online conversations they are already having, in the online communities they are already using to connect to their world daily. Hourly. Minute-by-minute. To capitalize on this ever changing landscape for our brand partners, we developed a model which generates reward points for the user through a branded gamification platform. MagnetRooms add value to the millennial digital storytellers’ experience — real culturally relevant value which enriches the moment. And in return allows for measuring effectiveness, in real time. 

For the ingredients to this sauce, please contact us and say hello. Or tap the Skype icon.

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